How We Select Our Winners

How We Select Our Winners

I would like to thank everyone who auditions for a TRMF Summer Scholarship! While several who audition will receive a scholarship from us not everyone will. The TRMF judges discuss all the applicants until they reach a decision on who should receive scholarships until we run out of money.

To help make our selections the committee first discusses the auditions themselves . . . was the student enthusiastic when performing . . . did the student take the audition process seriously, dress appropriately, choose material to perform that showed off their talent, did it make the judges say “Wow”!

Next the judges go over the applications, essays, transcripts and reference letters asking: is the applicant good in the classroom as well as when performing. Is our candidate serious, enthusiastic, passionate and excited about performing? Does the student want to make the performing arts their career?

Let me add here, the reference letters are looked at very carefully. What does the reference say about our applicant, what is the reference not saying? Very telling sometimes.

The choice of the summer program the applicant wants to attend is discussed. If the scholarship winner works hard will this program help him or her develop their talent? Have they selected a program they can afford with the help of TRMF? In other words, does the scholarship pay enough of the cost of the program so that the student’s family is left with a manageable amount?

While Tim never had an opportunity to audition for a scholarship I do remember something I used to tell him when he auditioned for a commercial, movie, video, Industrial Film or a role on stage in a musical, comedy, drama or even Shakespeare: if he didn’t get the part more often than not it did not mean he wasn’t as talented as the boy who was cast; what it usually meant was he was not what that director was looking for. One time his scores were exactly the same as the young man who got the lead in the spring musical at DSA . . .only problem, it was the romantic lead, you know, “the guy that got the girl” and Tim was only 5’3″ and looked about twelve! Another time the actor cast to play his younger brother was as tall as he was … not what the director wanted at all. Neither reason he didn’t get those parts had anything to do with his talent.

Thanks again to everyone who auditions for TRMF! If scholarships were awarded simply on who the judges like, most everyone would receive one.

– Sherrill Redovian

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