Munir Zakee

Munir Zakee, raised in Atlanta, GA, is an aspiring musician, producer, and student in life. At an early age, Munir was introduced to West African percussion which opened the gates for his love of music. Understanding the influence music has on the world, Munir began studying, performing, and traveling to best represent a positive energy that can be shared through music.


Munir has performed for and studied with many artists from all over the world. Artists include Bilal, Aloe Blacc, Andre 3000, Stacy Barthe, and many more! Performing at a plethora of venues and places across the world, Munir continues to travel to spread his gift and learn from all he encounters. Currently attending Berklee College of Music in his Senior year, Munir is working hard to finish the program and continue his works throughout the world with the finest musicians, artists, and people of all cultures.

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