Why We Exist

We exist because art is the greatest measure of a society’s influence and legacy, and we plan on continuing that tradition.

Too often the arts are overlooked as something unnecessary, even trivial to a person’s development and success in life. We think about how we can save money by taking arts programs out of schools and putting it back into sports or afterschool programs for better use. We also tend to think that young people who are gifted and talented do not need aid; do not need our attention as so many others do.

The truth of the matter is that the arts are not only a combination of sports and afterschool activities (physical, mental, and time consuming), but also just as important to the development of a person as math or science. We exist because these talented, gifted young people need more help than anyone, as their successes in life will shape our cultures legacy and human spirit for generations to come.

Arts and Society

When thinking back to any great society we note that the most powerful and influential people made art a central force of their existence, which is a key component to why we remember them and why their influence was so great. Egyptians pharaoh’s had their colorful wall carvings, fantastical tombs, and hieroglyphs. Greek and Roman emperors and republics had their detailed sculptures, painted pottery, and coin designs. Chinese dynasty’s had their calligraphy, porcelain, and terracotta army. Political leaders, religious figures, and the wealthy all used art to extend their reach to others and through time.

The same can be said of today, where the very medium (art) of information can determine that information’s impact on society. Northerners never understood slavery until they read Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Civilians somewhat understood what was happening during WWI until trench warfare was caught on camera and played to thousands. Even listening to Aretha Franklin’s song “RESPECT” started a landmark for the feminist movement and inspired women everywhere to demand better treatment from partners.


Arts and Culture

All people love the arts in their different forms and consume them in great quantities. We enjoy art through singing, dancing, writing, or drawing. We enjoy art through watching our favorite TV show, streaming a YouTube video, listening to our favorite music, or even playing Candy Crush.

Art is everywhere, even if it goes unrecognized. The southern football game has its cheerleaders, dance team, band, halftime show, mascot, and players’ uniforms…all an artist creation. The used car lot with its many different car colors and body styles …all an artist’s design. Right down to the clothes we wear to the flag we salute; all were created by artists.


Art and Success

The arts also have an easily traced parallel to an individual’s success by instilling many highly valued qualities. Creativity. Work Ethic. Perseverance. Taking a “no”. Technique. Practice, Practice, Practice. Dedication. Human Connection. People Skills. Public Speaking. Focus. The list can go on and on.

Though it is simple to find successful people with an art background who went into that field, it is easier to miss all the many successful people with an art background that did not. We’ve provided a short list below.


High (Non-Art) Achievers with Art Backgrounds

Albert Einstein (Theoretical Physicist) – Accomplished Violinist

Kevin Daum (CEO of Stratford Financial) – Theatre Graduate

Sir Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin Group) – Magazine Writer

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Supreme Court Justice) – Cello Player

John Roberts Jr. (Chief Justice of the Supreme Court)– HS Drama Club and Choir

Martin Luther King Jr. (Civil Rights leader) – Singer and Oratorical Contestant

Larry Page (Google Founder) – Saxophone Player and Studier of Music Composition

Christina Harbridge Law (Founder of Bridgeport Financial) – Metal Sculptor

Bill Clinton (Former President of the United States) – Saxophone Player

Louis Pasteur (French Chemist and Microbiologist) –Pastel and Portrait Sketcher

Coco Chanel (French Fashion Designer) –Cabaret Singer and Performer

Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis) – Tango Dancer

Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple) – Calligrapher

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (35th First Lady of the United States) – Musical Composer, Photographer

Alan Bean (NASA Astronaut) – Painter

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True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.

– Albert Einstein

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